Monday, May 11, 2009

Kristi McClintock's Intro

LIFE Runners,

I am excited to be on the team! I met Pat last year when he came to visit some mutual friends and now I’m incredibly blessed to be training for my first marathon because of his encouragement and coaching! I live in Steubenville, Ohio where I work for Franciscan University. I’ve wanted to run a marathon for the past couple of years, and so I am going for it! Pray for me and know that I’m praying for y’all!

My Goals:

1. To make it to the start line by taking the training one day at a time and not getting intimidated by the goal of running a marathon. What a parallel this is to the spiritual life where I can easily get intimidated by the final goal of Heaven, but I realize the journey is about being faithful one day at a time! The training is already teaching me so much in my relationship with God and just daily living.

2. To offer each run for life - for the unborn babies, their mothers and fathers (especially those who have had abortions; for healing), and all of my family to recognize the fullness of life lived in Christ.

3. To discipline my body.

4. To do something for myself so that I am better able to serve those around me. I find that often in ministry its easy to loose yourself, so this is a daily reminder to take care of me.

I've appreciated the emails and reflections y'all have sent. Please keep them coming! I find encouragement in your stories and inspirational thoughts. One little thing I would like to share; I was at the end of a longer run the other day and was feeling a bit exhausted. At that moment, the thought came to my mind that it would be great to have a partner next to me cheering me on, especially if it was my dad. At that moment, I had an intense awareness of God the Father's presence with me - simply saying, "I am here, I believe in you, and I am cheering you on" - what a gift! And I know He is with us all, so I thought I give you a quick reminder that your Heavenly Father is that daddy on the sidelines, constantly cheering for you!



Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pat Castle (goals)


My strategic goal is to embrace our Team Mission: God first, Defend the unborn (ProLife), Encouragement, Health. Here are my tactical goals while training to reach the finish line of the TC Marathon for ProLife.

* God first: Run closer to the Father, Son, and Holy allows worship/prayer, sacrifice, action. Celebrate God's gift of life through running (joy).
* Defend the unborn (ProLife): Be part of the solution to end abortion...prayer, communicating our motivations for running, and raising $/mile to help Rich purchase an ultrasound machine for a Gainesville, FL crisis pregnancy center.

* Encouragement: Be a stronger husband, father, son, brother, allows reflection, prayer, spiritual perspective, patience, energy. Help my Teammates reach their marathon goals.

* Health: Arrive at the starting line prepared spiritually and physically (peace). Courageously reach for my best (break 2:53:51), praising and honoring Christ by striving to maximize my God-given potential.

Training for a marathon is a faith growing experience, providing many opportunities for us to live out our faith (worship/prayer, sacrifice, action). The training gives us greater awareness of our total dependence on God (humility) and allows for more (and deeper) worship/prayer time (greater connection with God's will). A marathon training experience is like being on an extended retreat...the marathon is not the ultimate goal...heaven is the ultimate goal!

Like 2008, let's expect big things as we grow closer together (Body of Christ) and closer to Christ. Completing a marathon is a huge accomplishment (all glory to God!), but this is merely our vehicle (fueled by faith) to help save physical and spiritual lives as we defend the unborn. I am blessed to be part of our team of Christ disciples who defend the defenseless unborn and celebrate God's gift of life through marathon running. Our genuine sacrifices for Christ will bring True joy and peace in our lives and those near us...for eternity...thanks be to God!

Run for ProLife,
Phil 4:13

Friday, May 1, 2009

Rich Reich Intro

Hello LIFE Runners,

I am in the Air Force and currently working on my PhD in chemistry at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. I taught chemistry with Pat at the Air Force Academy a few years ago and I co-author the LIFE Group devotions with him.

My goals for the marathon this year:

  • Be the voice for the unborn (our running shirts are hopefully going to open up opportunities for speaking the Truth).

  • Raise $1000 towards a new ultrasound machine for A Womans Answer Medical Center.

  • Finish the marathon without ending up in the medic tent. If successful, this will be my first out of four completed marathons that I didn't look like the walking dead and scare the heck out of my wife Erica.

  • Qualify for the Boston Marathon with a 3:15.
Through Christ our Lord,
Romans 12:12