Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Roll Call (Tracy)


There's nothing like procrastination, right? Okay, sorry it's taken me so long to "report in". But better late than never!

So, my training has been going OK. I've been a runner my whole life it seems, but since college when I struggled with a few injuries (IT band primarily), I have never truly been back at 100%. As soon as I started increasing my mileage, the IT band came back and I developed another annoying pain in my shin (still not sure if it's shin splints or not). At any rate the last month has involved quite a bit of cross training and as much running as my body can handle. In the last 2 weeks or so, I've seen significant improvement and have been encouraged. A few things I realized:
1. I have to stick to alternating running with cross-training for now. That gives me between 3-4 days of running per week with the rest cross-training.
2. Ice seems to aggravate the injuries more
3. Lots and lots of stretching!
So although I've been struggling through some aches and pains here and there, I'm still hopeful. My runs are becoming much more enjoyable as I start to feel my fitness level increase and I think I've hopefully figured out the right system for my particular aches and pains to prevent serious injury. Hopefully the May "Roll Call" will be filled with all sorts of positive news.

In regards to my goals, my main focus at this point is to get to the marathon injury free. Being an ex-athlete, I tend to get competitive with myself and push myself harder than I should, but as long as I keep my eye on the goal, that should keep me in check. At this point, I'll decide on a "time" goal once I'm deeper into the training and can more realistically gage what I'm capable of.

In regards to ProLife fundraising, I'm thinking about supporting the Elizabeth New Life Center in Dayton, OH. When I was stationed there I got involved with the organization and I'd love to do my part in supporting it from afar.

As far as the whole experience goes, I just hope I can get to the end. I've always loved running and it has been a huge enabler to my faith. There's just nothing that brings me closer to my creator than running through his artwork!

Happy running to all! I look forward to meeting those of you I don't know.

April Roll Call (Doug)

Greetings....glad to join this group. Thanks to Pat for the encouragement.

Goal: Sub 4 hr and no injuries.

Training: I am tracking my minutes of aerobic activity. Right now I am at 4 hrs per week. Looking to increase that to 5 during the next 3 weeks. My longest run recently was an 8 miler last weekend. Looking to build up to 21 miles about 3 weeks out. I will mostly get Pat's advise.
I am signed up for the Pikes Peak marathon as well (like Pat), so I'll pick his brain later for a good strategy/training plan.

Fundraising: I already have one person who said they would sponsor me :-) Will look for more.

No plane/hotel reservations yet.

Thanks for being part of this group and living your faith.

Peace, Doug

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Apr Roll Call (Courtney)

hey kids!! Sorry it has taken me so long to post..Ive been crazy (thats just in short)..

First of all, this is my current actions: I am flying out with Pat and Angi on that friday before the race (Oct? haha - i forget)...Staying with Pat and Angi in Chicago..Signed up for the Triple Crown Series: Garden 10 miler, summer 12K, and the America's Ultimate Challenge (pp marathon)..Yikes!! Signed up for the Chicago as well - Did you guys know that the race is already almost at the capacity?? wow!! :)

Currently my training is going great!! Ive been told by tons of friends, people at work, people at the gym..A guy at the gym calls me the energizer bunny!! haha..perfect!! I started doing the incline (a huge flight of big stairs up Pikes Peak - 1 mile..The longest mile in ur life!!) I did it for the first time this season with Angi this last sunday..Good start.. Been doing it ever since..trying to get on it at least 3 times a week..Im working out with my personal trainer about 4-5 times a week - gettin' by butt kicked with weights and agility drills.. My running is going great!! Im already up to about 18-19 miles..About 50 to sometimes 60 miles per week..need to a little higher though..Also on the side of many miles of running, trainer, incline, I do go to the gym after work at 10pm and do the stairmaster or the elliptical for alittle over an hour. AKA - I am always tired.......hahaha..

But good to know, my trainer has me on a nutrition plan for me to follow so I dont go down to low with the calories..He keeps me on track.. :) But its pretty easy for me because I do work at Whole Foods Bakery!! Bread bread and more bread!! haha..its great!!

Again, sorry i havent been posting much!! Now as you all can tell, my life is a little hectic..
I try and find as much time as I can to get in a run with my other parents (Pat and Angi ;) ) my best friends!!!

Anyways, have a good time training!! Keep running!! Run hard, train hard!!
Peace, love:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April Roll Call (Bill)

Hello friends and soon to be friends!

Just checking in. I'm excited to run my first marathon! My goal is to finish in 4:30 and to build a stronger relationship with the Lord through running. I pray He continues to give me courage to train my mind and body throughout this journey.

I just found out last week that my beautiful daughter Lindsay can't join me. She is a sophmore at CU and very involved in church on campus. She is a team member for 'Buffalo Awakening' Catholic college student retreat and their retreat just got changed to the same weekend as the marathon. I'm sad for the team but happy and proud of Lindsay for sharing her gift of faith and helping other college kids find theirs. I'm waiting on an answer back on how to transfer her registration on to my brother Joe. Hopefully he can join us.

I'm excited to meet you teammates I don't know and always thrilled to be with the friends God has blessed me with. Suggestion: Lets get together as a group and run once a week and fellowship afterwards (breakfast at a different house each week) Run early Sat morn and eat afterward?

Your Brother in Christ,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April Roll Call (Shane)

Greetings Team Lifer's from Ohio. Sorry for my slow response ... better late than never. As of now (being that I've yet to run a 20 mile training run), I'm still planning to run the marathon. :)

- I'm maintaining my regular routine of weights and cardio, which typically entails 1-hr of strength trainining and stretching and 1-hr of cardio (treadmill, bike, eliptical, etc.) 5 to 6 days/week.
- I'll replace my cardio training with Hal Higdon's 18 week training program in mid-June. I still haven't decided between the Novice or Intermediate schedule, but leaning toward Intermediate.

- Nothing serious ... some tender joints at times especially in the knees. I'm a heavy boy (currently weighing in at about 205 lbs), so my knees get a little tired of carrying me around after 5 or 6 miles of running.

- FINISH THE RACE!!! This is my first marathon, and perhaps my last ... I still maintain that individuals that purposely set out to run 26.2 consecutive miles are somewhat mentally ill, so I'm trying to limit the progression of this mental illness by stopping after one. :)
- I haven't established a time goal quite yet ... my best half time was 1:48, but that's when I was a slender 185lbs and had two maniacs to train with (i.e., Pat and Duke!). Right now I'm thinking under 5 hours, but I need to see how the training goes.
- Lose some weight. I'd like to get back down to 170-180lbs, which is where I was the last time Pat first roped me into a running event, but then we ran 4 or 5 races that next year (including tw0 half marathons) and I gained 15 lbs in the process. I always hear runners talk about all the weight loss, so I'm hoping to see some of that this time around.
- Experience the Windy City with some very good friends that I love and respect (Pat, Angi, and Duke) and enjoy the fellowship of new friends (the rest of the gang!) ... even if you all are mentally ill to some degree (see goal 1 above).

I look forward to meeting you all in Chicago!

April Roll Call (Rich)

It has been a busy month with many distractions (i.e. final exams, preparing two conference presentations, and doing research while the instrument is still working). I have resorted to running in the evening either on the tredmill or on the 400 meter track at the middle school across the street from my house. I am in speed work mode right now preparing for my 1.5 mile Physcial Fitness Test this Friday (25 Apr). I am hoping to finish under 8:30. Then I will switch gears to longer distance training. I have done a few 5 mile runs at race pace 7:26 pace. I feel a little winded after these runs, but I know that with training I will be able to set into this pace comfortably. No injuries. I am a little sore from line dancing at my church last Friday night.

Monday, April 21, 2008

April Roll Call (John - AKA "Duke")

Hi fellow Lifer's- I am finally checking in. New to the blogging scene.....

  • After many months of resting my lower back & body it's time to get my butt in gear & hit the pavement again! It's been too long....
  • I have been working out on an elliptical trainer for a few weeks now, 3-5 days per week. My plan is to move training outside and start running. I feel as though I have become a fair weather runner this year.
  • Will start slow with 3-4 milers x 3-5days per week until I am happy with my lower back & have built a base to work from.
  • I will also add some cross training to the mix : Bike riding / Elliptical training
  • Have fun & enjoy the ride!
  • Become stronger - Mentally, Spiritually, & Physically
  • Overcome the lower Back problems in 08' -Bulging disc problem is still not resolved. Right leg is not functioning properly as a result...
  • Fit some local trail races in this year. Mingo trail race in June would be a great starter...
  • Stay healthy & complete the Chicago marathon in 3:30.....
  • Get to know my fellow Lifer's better & support overall goals of our team!
  • Train on absolutely flat land this year! No Hills.... Ok maybe a few overpasses.

April Roll Call (Chad)

Training is going well. As Ben said below, we are entering our sixth week of Hal Higdon's 'novice supreme' training. Ben and I found a weekly 5K fun run that we are enjoying. This typically replaces our Thursday 3 mile run.

I am in the thought stages of what my 'pro-life' support will look like. I am attempting to come up with something a little un-orthodox. More to come.

- I'm still looking to finish in under 5 hours.
- I would like to run a consistent 10 min/mile pace - so far, I'm only achieving this around 3 miles and end up much greater when I run four.
- Begin 'enjoying' the run more - I'm starting to see this as my body is taking to the distance running well - My wife is happy to see my stomach getting flatter. = )
- Ben and I notice that our lungs get tired a lot faster than our legs. Perhaps some herbal remedy could be suggested: = )

Sunday, April 20, 2008

April Roll Call (Ben)

Hey guys this is Ben Fisk just checking in. I'm now officially registered as of this past week! I'll be booking a flight this week.

The training program Chad and I are on is just starting its sixth week, which means we have already completed 5 weeks! Training is going well and I feel great. One of my goals is to run approx 10 minute miles and so far I'm ahead of this pace. More goals to come soon.

I'm also doing some cross training in the terms of sports. I play indoor soccer and church softball once-a-week. I've found that this provides a "fun" aspect to my training.

Run for Life. Run for Christ. Run for the King.

Apr Roll Call (Scott)

All right, I'm checking in.

* I have a flight that lands Saturday at 11:56am at O'Hare.
* I have a Saturday night reservation at the same hotel as the group.
* I leave Sunday at 7:55pm from O'Hare.

* I have a hybrid approach to my training, since I'm doing the Ascent in August. This training is unusual in that it focuses on minutes of running instead of distance.
* As of this weekend, I hit 102 minutes, which turned out to be about 11 miles.
* I'm running 2-3 times during the week for 50-60 minutes (~5.5-6.5 miles).
* I will switch over to the Higdon schedule after the Ascent in August.

* It's all about finishing without injury.
* I registered for 3:45, but I'm clueless what it means to go that distance. The only 1/2 marathon length race I've done is the Ascent, which is mostly speed hiking. I've never done a marathon.
* Improving my health (mind, body, spirit)
* Fellowship

Go Clydesdales!!! (runners over about 170 pounds)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Apr Roll Call (Angi)

Hi, LIFER's Team:

Well, I will go ahead and check in, so I don't have to deal with Pat checking in on me-I mean hey, I live with the guy :)!

Goals: also adding in a tempo run once per week (80-90 percent of race pace)

Training: found some new routes using to have a change of pace and to find more hills

My friend Courtney and I have been trying to get more runs in together; it sure is nice having someone encourage you on those days you feel tired-thanks Courtney
Also-gotta love these spring runs in Colorado-sun to rain to sleet to snow-all part of the experience

Only 25 weeks or so until the marathon :)

Run for ProLife,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April Roll Call (everyone please)

Living In Faith Exchange Runners (LIFER's) Chicago Marathon Team
* Shane, John, Tracy, Steve, Chad, Bill, Lindsay, Rich, Courtney, Angi, Pat, Scott, Ben, Doug
Hi, LIFER's Team:

To keep us all connected as a team, let's do a monthly team "roll call" where everyone on the team checks in. Please login into our blog at and add a new "post" titled "Apr Roll Call (your name)" which includes info like updates on goals, training, injuries, hotel/flight reservations, ProLife fund raising, running/faith experiences, etc. If you haven't yet registered for the blog, I will send you another invite. To accept the invite, click on the link in the email and then click on the create Google account link (above login), which simply creates a login name (your email) and password. Use your Google account info to log into the blog, post your "roll call" and update your blogger profile.

If you don't check in on this "roll call" by Mon, 21 Apr, I will check in with you to ensure everything is going well J. Thanks for being part of our team effort and our cause (faith, ProLife, friendship, and fitness)!

Run for ProLife,
Phil 4:13

* LIFER's Chicago Marathon Team blog at
* ProLife Ministry Support: We have ProLife wristbands. Start asking friends and family to sponsor you ($/mile). Pick your own ProLife ministry to support. Angi and I plan to donate to the local crisis pregnancy center.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pat nuggets #7

Living In Faith Exchange Runners (LIFER's) Chicago Marathon Team
* Shane, John, Tracy, Steve, Chad, Bill, Lindsay, Rich, Courtney, Angi, Pat, Scott, Ben, Doug
Hi, LIFER's Team:

The attached picture was taken about 15 miles into the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. (Oct 07). My #1 finger is in response to a man on the side of the road with a John 3:16 sign...all glory to our awesome God who gave us the ability to run! May our training provide prayer time and fellowship that taps us into the power of the Holy Spirit, the strength of Christ (Phil 4:13), and the will of our heavenly Father...
Registration: Doug told me yesterday morning that he is going to register. Scott, is your running partner, Kevin, going to join us? Doug, Scott, and Ben...please let me know when you have made hotel/flight reservations (details under logistics tag on the blog)...Just Do It!

Running Goals: We need goals posted for John, Shane, Bill, Lindsay, Scott, Ben, and Doug.

Training: To prevent injury, gradually build up your miles (~10% overall weekly increase) to be ready for the first week of your 18 week training plan (8 Jun) .
* Courtney is hungry to qualify for Boston this year...she has already built up to a 10 mile long run!
* Bill and Lindsay, haven't heard from you in few weeks. How is your training?
Injury Report: Tracy, how is your ITB? Steve, how is your knee? John, how is your back?

Run for ProLife,
Phil 4:13

* LIFER's Chicago Marathon Team blog at
* ProLife Ministry Support: We have ProLife wristbands. Start asking friends and family to sponsor you ($/mile). Pick your own ProLife ministry to support. Angi and I plan to donate to the local crisis pregnancy center.